Courtney and Matt's Saratoga Springs engagement photographer

If laughter is joy flowing over then these two are just bursting with joy, because at this recent engagement session with Courtney and Matt the park was ringing with their laughter! Every moment with them fueled more joyful moments, from throwing back heads with laughter to chuckles at nose tickles. I swear, Courtney and Matt are even grinning when they kiss!

Saratoga Spa State Park was the perfect setting for them too: Matt had asked Courtney to marry him on a hike to Shelving Rock Falls. They met up with Courtney’s friend Amanda to start the hike and paused for a while to enjoy the beautiful views of Lake George before circling back to the waterfall. That’s where Matt surprised Courtney by getting down on one knee - but the surprise didn’t end there! Courtney’s sister Jenny and her mom Wendy were hiding behind boulders to take pictures of the proposal. Of course Courtney said yes, and so here we are today celebrating their love!

I was thrilled to get out on a beautiful June day with these two to capture all that love: you can’t help but be happy for them when you see how they look at each other like they’re the only two people in the world. It was such a joy to capture all this happiness, and I’m looking forward to their wedding this September!